We are on a mission to build a more open, accessible and fair future with blockchain and distributed ledger technology

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What do we do?

We host a range of events and research to promote blockchain in the NCKU and Taiwan communities and beyond, largely centered around education, consulting, and innovation.


Organize the research and engineering meetup in the NCKU and host tech talks, developer tutorials, workshops and more.


We work with companies to develop strategic approaches to implement blockchain technologies. We build Proof of Concepts, and translate new developments into use cases and novel approaches.

research and development

We build side projects and do research with cutting-edge blockchain and crypto technologies. All of our work is open-source.

Our works


Technology Epidemic Prevention - GIS Cloud Internet of Things Anti-mosquito Strategy

We apply small-scale IoT hardware devices to monitor vector mosquitoes. Since uploading data instantly to the cloud and analysis, it greatly improves the efficiency of prevention. At the same time, we integrate the epidemic information held by public sector and visualize the distribution of vector mosquitoes superimposed on the geographical information, and implement a real time "Dengue fever case evolution heat map" to assist the Tainan Municipal Government to quickly and clearly identify the epidemic and control the epidemic.


Airbox/PM2.5 with IOTA

PM2.5 is a serious problem now happening everyday in Taiwan & China. The first project is LASS issued by the community. Our team BiiLabs & NCKU DLT Lab offload the sensor data from the cloud to the IOTA Tangle. And will design the sandbox for the sensor to secure the data integrity.

related link : Airbox/PM2.5 with IOTA


QQ Air Quality (QQAQ)

QQAQ utilizes the most advanced deep learning technology that integrates convolutional neural networks and long-term and short-term memory models. It uses spatial and temporal relations to predict accurate forecast of air quality trends. At present, QQAQ can provide the trend of PM2.5 concentration for the next 48 hours; the accuracy has reached 83.22% at the next hour, the average error within 5 (μg/m3). It can assist the people to prevent the hazards of air pollution.

related link : QQ Air Quality (QQAQ)


Our team includes entrepreneurs, researchers, talent students and engineers as our task force.

Jim Huang

Prof. Jim Huang


Participating in system software programming for more than 20 years, Jim (jserv) Huang specializes in virtual machine and compiler design applied for industrial real-time systems. He was recognized as an early contributor in Android OS. In additional to getting involved in major open source projects such as AOSP and LXDE, he joined National Cheng Kung University as an Assistant Professor.

Lman Chu

Lman Chu

Industry expert / CEO of BiiLabs

Entrepreneur, evangelist of deep tech include IoT, Blockchain, Distributed Ledger Technology. Lman has more than 20 years in the Embedded Computing and IoT industry.


Prof. Kun-Ta Chuang


Kun-Ta Chuang currently serves as an associate professor in Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in National Cheng Kung University. He was a senior engineer at EDA giant Synopsys during 2006-2011. He received the Ph.D. degree from Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan in 2006. His research interests include data mining, web technology, mobile data management, and cloud computing.

Jen-Wei Huang

Prof. Jen-Wei Huang

Associate Professor

Jen-Wei Huang received the BS and PhD degree in electrical engineering from National Taiwan University, Taiwan in 2002 and 2009 respectively. He was a visiting scholar in IBM Almaden Research Center from 2008 to 2009, an assistant professor in Yuan Ze University from 2009 to 2012, and a visiting scholar in. University of Chicago in 2016. He is now an associate professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. He majors in computer science and is familiar with data mining. His research interests include data mining, mobile computing, and bioinformatics. Among these, social network analysis, spatial-temporal data mining, and multimedia information retrieval are his special interests. In addition, some of his research are on data broadcasting, privacy preserving data mining, e-learning, and FinTech.

Chen Wei


Software Engineer

zhenwei is a master student at National Taiwan University of CSIE, interested in System Software, Virtual Machine and Computer Architecture. He contributes to the dcurl, which is a hardware-accelerated implementation for IOTA Pearldiver, in the DLTcollab.

Miku QB



Studying Computer Science in National Cheng Kung University, interested in Cryptocurrency and Computer Security.

Vivian Lin

Vivian Lin

Researcher & Developer

Vivian Lin is pursuing CS Master degree in NCKU. She contributes to tangle-accelerator, which is a caching proxy server for IOTA and can serve thousands of Tangle requests at once. Also she's researching on decentralized data marketplace on DLT currently.

Chen Wei

Louie Lu

Research & Developer

Louie Lu is currently pursuing CS Master's degree in NCTU. He contributed to CPython code and involved in development of Arm Cortex-M operating system kernels. He also writes stuff (both program and article) for IOTA now.

Spin Yuan

Spin Yuan

Atomic Spin / Spinlock

The passion for the blockchain is almost the same as whether the paper award submission is written in triplicate or in a three-style manner. The goal is to become a columnist across the text and science groups. Occasionally, she is called to group host by engineer, and more often she is trained to rewrite reflectively when seeing English .

Yi-Wei Wang

Yi-Wei Wang


Yi-Wei Wang contributes to TaiwanStat and concentrates on data visualization . Currently an undergraduate student in Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in National Cheng Kung University.

Jhih-Cing Li

Jhih-Cing Li


Jhih-Cing Li Launches project Minedia discovering the trending news in Taiwan and analyzing their position. Also, he is a contributor of TaiwanStat. He concentrates on web technologies and data visualization. Currently an undergraduate student in Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in National Cheng Kung University.

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